Colleen Wise

Quilt artist, lecturer, teacher

Quilt art

My quilts are distinctive for their illusion of depth. Leaves seem to float above the surface. Balls bounce and planets swing through their orbits. Architectural elements protrude. It almost seems as if you could reach into the quilt, rather than just look at it.

Beyond the illusion, my quilts have something to say. Each has a story, and its story starts with a title. I repeat this to myself as I work, and it informs my decisions on design, fabrics, even the quilting itself. Each quilt is a collaboration between my Irish story-telling heritage, my engineering problem-solving education and my sewing skills.

Taken as a whole, they reveal my interests in geometry, astronomy, physics and biology. I love every kind of tree. I enjoy walking through old cemeteries. I never miss an opportunity to look through a telescope or a microscope. Or an art museum. I am mesmerized by marbling on fabric.

Please enjoy browsing through my galleries here.

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I’m the author of Casting Shadows: Creating Visual Dimension in Your Quilts (2005, C%T Publishing).

You can bring me to your guild or group via Zoom. I love to share my work and my techniques.

I’m told I’m funny…I will do my best to make you laugh!

Colleen will leave you in stitches!