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All workshops are currently being taught via Zoom except Casting Shadows. Doing virtual workshops gives us flexibility with our hours. Workshops are six hours long. We can do that in one day, or we can break this up into two separate 3-hour sessions a day apart, a week apart, whatever. Breaking up a workshop gives students some time to make blocks before going on to the next step.

Workshops may be extended to as long as five days. A one-day workshop will get you well-started on a project and give you the knowledge needed to finish it. A multi-day workshop allows time to expand the concept — adding paper-pieced borders to Bob and Weave, for example, or experimenting with multiple frames and boxes in Boxes and Beyond, or having the time to sew settings and borders rather than just doing basic discharge with ShadowPlay — all with the guidance of this experienced teacher.

Emerald City

Minimum skill level: advanced beginner / intermediate

These blocks not only look like three-dimensional pyramids, they also appear to float above the surface of the quilt! Emerald City blocks are strip pieced and simple to construct. Careful attention to value will make the illusion appear. We’ll also talk about shadows and how to choose fabrics to enhance that sense of three dimensions. So elegant and so easy–and so exciting to see the results!

Boxes and Beyond

Minimum skill level: advanced beginner / intermediate

Boxes, both solid and hollow, appear to float in space. This optical illusion quilt is an expansion of the familiar Baby Blocks pattern. If you think Baby Blocks requires hours of tedious hand piecing, try this clever variation! This quilt is strip-pieced and easy to assemble. No set-in corners! Learn the tricks of value that make this 3-D illusion work.

Bob and Weave

Minimum skill level: beginner

Play with 3-D illusion on a quilt! By choosing your colors with careful attention to value (relative lightness/darkness), bands of color appear to weave under and over against a background of your choice. An easy project suitable for beginners, a fun value exercise for experts. In the one-day version of this workshop, we will create the body of the quilt as shown at right. Additional days allow time to add shadows to “lift” the grid from the background, or to paper-piece arcs to connect the bands for a stunning border.

Shadow Play

Minimum skill level: beginner

Leaves seem to hover above the surface of this quilt. This is a levitation class: learn how to float leaves! Surface design techniques combined with appliqué or fusing create a powerful three-dimensional illusion. It’s incredible!

This class has specific site requirements:

  • Must be able to work outside
  • Access to a washer and dryer a big plus

Spraying bleach is dangerous. I can’t guarantee the safety of my students if I’m not there in person, so I’m not teaching this class via Zoom at this time.

Workshop Details

All workshops are six hours, which may be done in one day, or divided into two 3-hour days up to one week apart. I can accomodate up to twenty students per class. Additional students can be accommodated at $25 each.

Multi-day classes $450/day.

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