Studio remodel

Studio Remodel

The pandemic forced a lot of people to work from home, including me. My studio became not just my workspace, but also my lecture hall and my classroom. My space is big (20″ x 11.5″) but basic. The concrete floors had settled over the years, so everything I dropped rolled into the corner. My husband’s climbing gear was stashed in the closet, along with Christmas and canning supplies. It was time to create a real grownup workspace. I enlisted the help of Lois Hallock ( to design a space that would be beautiful, functional and adaptable. She took the things I liked about my space and then went Next Level. I’m thrilled with the results!

Welcome to my studio!
Twice as much pegboard!

Ironing station and storage under cutting table. The original ironing board measured 1 1/2′ x 3′. The new one is 2’x 5′ — more than the width of fabric! The cork floor is warm and has a little bounce to it.
The design wall and fabric storage swapped walls, and my husband found a new home for his climbing gear.
Thread storage moved from Matchbox car carriers under the cutting table to within easy reach of my sewing machine. Not that my machine has ever reached for the thread…