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Lectures are one hour long. All lectures are virtual at this point, through Zoom or other meeting platform.

Casting Shadows: Creating Depth in Quilts

Trunk Show or Powerpoint Presentation

My quilts are distinctive for their illusion of depth. I love to play with three dimensions! Objects such as leaves or planets appear to float above a two-dimensional surface. I have a virtual toolbox full of tools I use to create that depth, and I will bring a big trunk full of quilts or slides to illustrate the results.

Hand of the Artist: Putting Myself into the Work

Trunk Show or Powerpoint Presentation

Being an artist means expressing myself — and that means revealing myself. As my body of work grows, I can see themes emerge that reveal the things that I find fascinating:  botany, geometry, astronomy, old cemeteries, faith. Sometimes my quilts hold surprise messages that are only revealed under certain circumstances — a flash photo, say, or a red filter. Finally, there are secret messages in my quilts that I will tell you about but never reveal. What do your quilts reveal about you?

Wise Words: Lessons Learned the Hard Way

Trunk Show or Powerpoint Presentation

Mistakes? I’ve made a few. Luckily! By making mistakes I’ve learned all kinds of tricks to improve my skills, like how to make a perfect applique circle (start at the grocery store) or how to make a stubborn quilt lie flat. I’ll share my philosophy about using my stash (especially those super-special fabrics), how I’ve organized my workspace so that it works for me, and how I know when to clean my machine or change my needle. I’ll give you suggestions for things that support creativity, help relax the anxiety that everything should work out, and even encourage you to embrace rejection. Mistakes are great!

Lecture Details

Lectures are approximately one hour. $400.

At this time, all my lectures are done via Zoom. I can set up the Zoom meeting for your group (up to 100), or if your group has Zoom (or other meeting app) capabilities, you can set it up and I will participate as a panelist or co-host.  If your members aren’t familiar with Zoom, I can host a ‘coffee break’ style meeting to walk them through the basics a week or so before the lecture. Zoom is easy to use.

When things change, I will resume in-person trunk shows. I would much rather be showing you my quilts in person! Till then.

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