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Lectures are one hour long. A trunk show involves bringing about 40-50 quilts.

Casting Shadows: Creating Depth in Quilts

Trunk Show or Powerpoint Presentation

My quilts are distinctive for their illusion of depth. I love to play with three dimensions! Objects such as leaves or planets appear to float above a two-dimensional surface. I have a virtual toolbox full of tools I use to create that depth, and I will bring a big trunk full of quilts or slides to illustrate the results.

Hand of the Artist: Putting Myself into the Work

Trunk Show or Powerpoint Presentation

Being an artist means expressing myself–and that mean revealing myself. As my work matures, I find that I am putting more and more of myself and my life into my quilts. This lecture will show this progression, from my first tentative steps “outside the box” to my latest series. I’ll talk about my working methods and (virtually) invite you into my studio. You might be surprised at what shows up (and what doesn’t!) on the quilt surface.

Lecture Details

6 Hours, allow one hour for lunch (7 hours total). Allow for up to twenty students per class. Additional students can be accommodated at $25 each.
$500/day* (*All travel, accommodation, and meal costs to be paid by sponsor.)

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