Charlotte’s Quilt

Charlotte’s quilt

I never met her in person, but Charlotte became one of my best friends. I met her on an online forum for parents of kids with a rare illness. From her farm in England she reached out through the internet to empower parents to save children’s lives, one at a time, like starfish on the beach. I gathered signatures from her forum friends around the world and transferred them to fabric. We are all rocks in this piece – each of us ‘a rock in a frock’ as Liz used to say. And the starfish…those are our beloved children. I was inspired to include the essence of the colorful beach huts at Southwold, where Charlotte’s family spent their holidays. But what I really want you to see in this non-traditional signature quilt is how much we all loved Charlotte.

Charlotte died shortly after receiving this quilt at the age of 49.

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