It started when I bought a pair of white boxing gloves. They just cried out for a little color! But it turns out you can’t just Sharpie on leather; it has a finish on it to prevent stains. And so I taught myself how to deglaze, paint and reglaze leather just so I could jazz up my white gloves.

But then I was embarrassed by my show-offy gloves. So I volunteered to paint my ringmates’ gloves for them. I try to incorporate something of their interests or personality or just their favorite colors into their gloves. We are more than just boxers.

Colleen is an artist.

David is a musician.

Scott loves chocolate.

Gayle’s gloves have hand-marbled cuffs.

Evie is a Christian.

Judy always looks her best.

Vangie is bright and bubbly and always positive.

Gwen wanted to ‘Kiss This!’

Tom is a hunter.

Joanne’s son and granddaughter play ball…a lot of ball.

Bill was a diver in the US navy.

Linda said, “Purple and sparkly.”

Blues and greens for Chris.