It started when I bought a pair of white boxing gloves. They just cried out for a little color! But it turns out you can’t just Sharpie on leather; it has a finish on it to prevent stains. And so I taught myself how to deglaze, paint and reglaze leather just so I could jazz up my white gloves.

But then I was embarrassed by my show-offy gloves. So I volunteered to paint my ringmates’ gloves for them. I try to incorporate something of their interests or personality or just their favorite colors into their gloves. We are more than just boxers.

Colleen is an artist.

David is a musician.

Scott loves chocolate.

Gayle’s gloves have hand-marbled cuffs.

Evie is a Christian.

Judy always looks her best.

Vangie is bright and bubbly and always positive.

Gwen wanted to ‘Kiss This!’

Tom is a hunter.

Joanne’s son and granddaughter play ball…a lot of ball.

Bill was a diver in the US navy.

Linda said, “Purple and sparkly.”

Blues and greens for Chris.

Doris loves sunflowers.

Suzanne’s high school mascot is the Hornet in this homage to Mohammed Ali.

Holly can’t be broken.

Cal let his granddaughter choose his colors.

Mike is a Seattle Kraken fan.

Lee was a diver.

Rob’s family business donates its profits to Parkinson’s causes.

Joe’s superhero gloves

Coach Mike
“The Hammer”

Jill is a quilter and a pediatrician.

Deacon John is a believer.

Covington likes Marvel comics.

Chris was a HALO jumper in the Special Forces and has jumped out of an airplane at 27,000′.

Kaylee is eight years old and boxes with her Grandma Joanne during summer vacation.

Doug has owned 33 Buicks in his lifetime.

Little bitty gloves for quilting show host Alex Anderson, who is battling breast cancer. She is not a boxer but she is a fighter.